“Jay Teaches You How To Stay Out Of Trouble With Smarter Renter Selection, Easier Rent Collection and Better Contract Enforcement So You Can Be A More Worry-Free Landlord!”

Get Jay's Up-To-Date Management Guidelines And Manage Your Tenants & Cash-Flow Rental Investments With Less Headache and Much More Profitably!”

Jay’s landlording seminar reveals his stealth renting tactics!
Learning ropes from Jay with over  50 years experience and save yourself 10 to 15 times the cost of this eye-opening seminar" 

Here's how to enforce your Landlord Rules with "street-smart tenants", so you avoid discrimination issues, reduce tenant legal liabilities and use Jay's tenant cycling strategies to... easily (with less headaches) properly manage your rentals and keep your rental income steady and cash flows high!

Jay's Landlording Seminar Is Filling Up!

Reserve your seat now and you'll be privy to Fixer Jay's (Jay P. DeCima) 50+ year of wickedly profitable "street smarts" tactics in landlording! Remember just one trouble-maker tenant can take advantage of you and turn your wealth dream into a nightmare if you're not properly prepared!

If you act quickly, you'll get an Early Bird Special Bonus Gift!

Join "Fixer Jay In Santa Ana, California on November 11 - 13, 2016...

Limited Seats Are Still Available!

Register NOW before Registration CLOSES!

(Act Now To Reserve Your Seat & Claim Your Huge Early Bird Bonus!)

Dear Real Estate Landlord,

Welcome, my name is Gary Johnston, and I'll be your host to Jay's Tenants and Toilets Seminar!

When you attend Jay’s landlording seminar you will quickly get up to speed on what to watch out for so you can avoid discrimination problems and nasty legal issues with "street-smart" renters who are just looking to take advantage of unsuspecting landlords!

It's true! "Street Smart Renters" are on the lookout for any landlord they think they can take advantage of because they know how to work the "legal system" against you. That's why it's so critical to attend this seminar so you know what to do to avoid taking applications and signing rental contracts with them!

Watch Out For "Street-Smart Renters" Or
You'll Suffer The Consequences!

You're invited to listen while Jay The Fixer reveals his simple and effective Landlording Tactics!

Once you know what Jay knows you'll be armed to the teeth, primed, ready to lock n' load and protect your rental investments. Jay will show you how to observe and oversee your properties without letting your tenants know you're anywhere around!
Jay's stealth tactics work slick as a whistle and can save you time, effort and prevent losses to your rental cash flow income. Once you attend this seminar you will know exactly what to do to ruthlessly cut off the antics of "street-smart renters"— in the blink of an eye!

Here are just a few of the stealth tactics Jay's willing to share with you behind closed doors!

Jay's Stealth Landlording Tactics You'll Want To Hear:

Include what to do...

If you've ever wanted to know how to decline an application legally and early...
if you don't like the tenant and want to avoid Federal and State Housing issues with rental applicants —just that ONE TOPIC will save you from suffering from a renter's legal discrimination issue!

If you've had problems with enforcing the rules of your rental lease with "street-wise" renters... you must know what's legally required in the contract to protect you and your rights as a landlord. Jay will explain in detail why most long winded legal contracts are a waste of time and paper for you and your tenants!

If you're ever had a problem renter who refuses to pay the last month's rent...
you need to know how you can legally deduct (collect) repair bills, late fees, and other unpaid expenses from a tenant's security deposit. You must be aware of the billing statements and timeline proof you need if this is challenged by the renter.

If you're ever had to chase after renters who damage and abandon your property...
and leave behind a house full of furniture and personal property you have to clean up and dispose of, then Jay's got the answers you need for what to do to avoid ALL these common landlord headaches.

If you can AVOID buying a FIX-UP PROPERTY with ANY of these 3 HIDDEN MONEY SUCKERS...  if you bought an older property to fix up and to your horror you find lead paint, mold or asbestos - Jay shows you smarter tactics savvy investors know to properly deal with these three critical money-sucking disasters which can turn your investment dreams into a nightmare!

If you have to handle a fire, medical emergency, death in your rental...
you need to know what to do so you don't set yourself up for an expensive lawsuit - and what you need to be prepared for and legally must do in each case!

If you suspect your renter is involved with drugs NOT TO DO IS CALL THE COPS! 
Find out what you need to do first so you protect your property from illegal seizure! And...

...If You Use Just ONE CYA Tactic...
The Money You Can Save
Will PAY FOR Your Seminar Seat —
If You Avoid These Landlord Mistakes!

Yes, you heard that right... Just ONE CYA TACTIC will PAY for your Seminar Seat!
You want to make serious money with your rental investments and that means there's one real estate skill you absolutely must master. And that's being a smart and super savvy Landlord! Jay's Managing Tenants And Toilets Seminar will change everything you think you know about being a landlord and safeguarding your cash flow and rental assets.

You can become as a prosperous landlord who enjoys FLEXIBLE SELF EMPLOYMENT, FINANCIAL SECURITY, and AND A STEADY CASH FLOW INCOME — if you listen to AND APPLY what Jay's learned over the last fifty years with managing and dealing with problems from "street-smart" renters!

You can be a landlord who has wonderful renters, who proudly take care of your property, abide by your renting rules, and pay the rent on time! When you take the time to attend this seminar and use Jay's advice you can avoid a huge amount of stress, anxiety and excess renter costs — so you can happily sit back and live a financially comfortable stress-free, and worry-free retirement! 

You Want To Be THE Landlord In Control...

You want to be a landlord who is in control of your rentals! Jay can help you take back control of your entire rental program SO YOU CAN BE THE LANDLORD WHO IS ADMIRED and YOUR RENTALS ARE ALWAYS HAPPILY FULL! Jay starts at the beginning with how to effectively qualify every tenant BEFORE you receive a written application!

No longer will you be the landlord who is at the beck and call of unqualified applicants who have no business even asking for an application. Instead, you will effective know how to put a halt to their trying to bamboozle you with fake references, fake proof of income and fake application information!
You'll know the right questions to ask your applicants in order to quickly "weed out" those who would be trouble-makers before you even hand them an application. Jay's stealth tactics give you the proper methods for avoiding discrimination issues without saying or doing anything that is offensive, intimidating or threatening.

Jay will take you through the entire rental process to ensure you can properly find, sign contracts with, and receive consistent rental payments from higher quality renters — to ensure your renters abide by your contract rules and rent collections are worry-free.

A Landlord Investor
With 50 Years Experience!

Now Jay's been a prosperous landlord earning a steady cash flow from his real estate rentals for over 50 years. He started out with 'no money' and 'no prospects', and very little education in being a landlord. Sign up while seats are still available to get Jay's rock-solid advice and you can do the same when you attend this seminar!

Jay didn't let his lack of landlord experience stop him and you shouldn't either. 

Jay has been in the trenches and that's the kind of "investor-with-landlord experience" you want to listen to who knows what he's talking about, because he's made the mistakes that cost him big bucks he wants you to avoid!

You'll get the "savvy landlord tactics" which will give you the decisive advantage over 99.9% of renters who want to rent from you — you'll know things they don't know and never even heard of to keep your rental properties and yourself safe from any tenant lawsuits!

When you attend Fixer Jay's Managing Tenants and Toilets Seminar you'll get privileged access to Jay's Landlording training created from over 50 years experience in real estate rental deals!

Jay's Landlording Tactics -
Explained In Full Detail!

You'll be listening in awe as Fixer Jay reveals his "little known stealth tactics" you immediately be able to use to save money and prevent all these renter problems...

KNOW YOUR TENANT LAWS: Simple Mistakes Can Cost You Big Bucks

Landlords often find themselves in serious hot water with tenants because they try to inject too much logic and common sense into tenant management. There’s just two ways to learn landlording. You can pay Jay 10 times more than he charges to teach you this and it would still be cheaper than learning from your tenants!
Savvy Investors want to find and buy those "ugly gems" other Investors won't even look at! Jay will show you how to cash-in on "ugly rental properties" which are hiding in plain sight so you can earn the highest returns and lowest risk!
Smart investors will study the marketplace in order to deliver the right product (affordable houses) to their customers. It’s important to remember to buy right and price your rentals right and – as Jay says "If tenants can’t afford to pay for my houses – I can’t either!"
RENTING IN A DOWN ECONOMY: Keep Rentals Full & Your Cash Flowing
Better landlording skills will make you a whole lot richer than trying to shortcut the learning how to manage the people who rent from you. Jay's advice, before you start collecting rents – get started improving your landlording education to keep rentals full.
MISTAKES COST YOU BIG MONEY: When Renters Have The Upper Hand
When tenants become top dog and push you around you’ve got serious problems. Jay says "I know as half of the properties I own were purchased from highly motivated sellers who wanted to get away from their tenants and I did that at my price of course!"
EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO JAY: You Get To Pick Jay's Brain.
You'll get expert advice for any landlording or rental investing problem you've had or think you will have trouble with!  You'll get face-to-face time with Jay so you can get his personal advice — but only if you reserve your seat now and attend this event!

Landlording: The Key To Long Term Wealth!

If you're a serious about being a cash-flow landlord ... 
(or if you're just looking to get started) ... this is your opportunity...

Join "Fixer Jay" in Santa Ana, California 
on November 11 - 13, 2016...

Reserve your seat now! Tap into Jay's 50 years of "real-life landlording experience"! Attend the seminar and you'll avoid expensive landlording mistakes and mishaps and save a wad of money!   

You can be the "savvy landlord" who knows it is smarter to get the right advice from a landlord who has "done it” — not just talked "about it”!

Limited Seats Are Still Available!

Register NOW before Registration CLOSES!

(Act Now To Reserve Your Seat & Claim Your Huge Early Bird Bonus!)

Get 50 Years Of Proven Landlord Tactics!

Here are just some of the 'expert-level landlord tactics' you'll get to make your rental business a huge success!
You'll get a 'behind-the-scenes look' at what it takes to build a multi-million dollar rental investment portfolio AND MANAGE IT— and I PROMISE you... it's nothing like you've ever been shown before!

You'll get privileged access to Jay's 50 years worth of "school-of-hard-knocks" landlord tactics — proven to work with thousands of renters in a wide variety of rental investment scenarios.

You'll hear exactly what to do (and not do) to make more rental cash flow and do it faster and with less legal risk and effort — but only if you're a "smart landlord" quick enough to reserve your seat before the seminar is filled up!

Fixer Jay's Managing Tenants And Toilets Seminar is unlike anything you've heard of, read about, or seen about being a landlord, and it's not another "big promise - no delivery" come-on, either.

You'll know what I say is true when you are happily sitting at the event... listening to "Fixer Jay" show and tell you how to avoid disastrous and expensive legal mistakes many landlords make — then you'll be so glad you came!

You'll hear Jay how to make your rental properties much more profitable — from finding "hidden ugly duckling gems" to buy, to selecting good renters who abide by your rules and will pay the rent on time!

You'll know how to avoid the mistakes most landlords make and how to avoid paying all your profits to fixing up the property after a dead beat renter abandons it!

You'll stop making costly mistakes most landlords make because they are — working way too hard to make rental properties pay off.

  You'll see just how much easier and less stressful being a landlord can be — if you do it "The Fixer Jay Way".  Jay guarantees you'll be a much smarter landlord at the end of just three short days!

Limited Seats Are Still Available!

Register NOW before Registration CLOSES!

(Act Now To Reserve Your Seat & Claim Your Huge Early Bird Bonus!)

So you may be wondering about why I agreed to help Jay to do this seminar now, as I felt I was honor bound to host this seminar before Fixer Jay permanently retired.

It would be a shame if you never meet him or listened to his unique "landlording wisdom".
This is a unique opportunity to experience Jay, an investor who "pulled himself up by his own bootstraps" — building his cash-flow rental business during some of the worst "hard-times" this nation has ever experienced  — and prevailed!

Jay's 50 years experience gives him a totally unique take on "how to master landlording in these tough economic times" and this talk is something you don't want to miss...

Here's a quick sample of what you'll get when you attend the Seminar!

Jay speakd from personal experiences with his own rental investing strategies as there's one thing you must do — if you need help with any of the topics you've read about so far and it is...

You need to BE MENTORED BY A SMART LANDLORD WHO IS A SAVVY INVESTOR and knows the same renting obstacles you face — and defeated them. That only makes common sense, doesn't it?

You need to listen to and be mentored by a seasoned landlord who has already figured out what works and what doesn't so you can shorten your learning curve to cash-flow landlording success!

Still wondering if this is right for you?

Can Jay Really Improve Your Landlord Skills?

THIS EVENT IS FOR: SERIOUS real estate investors (or beginners who want to become landlords), Real Estate property owners, CEOs. Executives, Consultants and Rental Property managers.

Here's what you need to do now, reserve your seat now so you can attend the seminar!

I promise you when you listen to Jay and use his proven landlord and rental management tactics in your business; you will feel more confident and worry-free in managing your rental properties and will improve your rental profits.

Listen To 50 Years Of
Priceless Landlord Tactics!

You'll be tapping into the "creative mindset of a Master Deal Maker" and your invitation is only available for a limited time — during this "invite only event".
Reserve your seat now and attend the event.

Then...  You'll know:

We want you to know Jay and I are as excited about it as you are! We'll be there even with our own incredibly busy schedules — for the full three days to answer any questions you might have.

Which means there will be opportunities to sit, dine, connect, and mingle that almost NO other seminar will give you...

And — you'll get your questions answered! You can feel free to ask Jay anything you want on what you've been told.

Then you can leave completely confident in what you'll do to create an immediate positive impact in your investing methods to ensure you the highest cash flow investing strategies possible!

"How Much Will This Cost Me To Attend?"

If you’re serious about the success of your real estate investing business — then we want you to be there!
Because you've read this far... You already recognize the tremendous value of having private access to this once-in-a-lifetime seminar. We want to be sure EVERYBODY who wants to attend can do so for a fair and reasonable fee. Jay has already made his money.

He doesn’t need to make a lot of money from you instead his goal is to help you help yourself to become the "successful cash flow investor" you've always pictured yourself to be.

So he has agreed to keep this within your budget. Your minimal investment covers all 3 days of the seminar—PLUS your private access to ask your questions and get the answers you've been searching for!

Imagine how good it will feel when you spend time talking with Fixer Jay and like minded Processional Real Estate Investors, just like you.

Until now, only deep-pocket "Real Estate Investors" could afford to pay for private consulting time WITH JAY.

But — if you act fast — you can be counted in the select group of "exceptionally smart and savvy investors" who manage their own rental properties and who got in on this before the reservations close. The seating is limited so be sure to reserve your seat now -- as reserved seats are booking up fast!

WARNING: Seats Are Filling UP FAST!

Limited Seats Are Still Available!

Register NOW before Registration CLOSES!

"Is there a guarantee?"

We want every attendee to be fully committed to attending the entire seminar for the full three days!

If you feel there is a real, legitimate reason you need to leave (family or business emergency) or you don’t get anything out of the seminar, we’ll take care of you. We have always done right by our customers, and will do so here.

Miss out on this and you're not really in the game...

Years in the future you will remember listening to Jay speak at this seminar...with fond memories of great experiences and new friends. I want you to know, this is will not be a product pitch fest. Instead, you will have access to over 50 years of proven "in the trenches" expert landlording experience.

Jay's 50 years of rental management expertise is nothing you have ever seen, heard or encountered before! And when you attend...You'll be one of the real estate investors who grabbed the chance to grab Jay's true innovative rental management power - just one CYA tip can return the investment in the seminar!

You can get your questions answered at the seminar and your rental cash-flow business is sure to take a huge leap ahead. You'll be among those few who got in before the seminar was booked up... Rather than being one of those investors who — regretted missing it.

This event could be the turning point — to achieving your rental cash flow goals!

Your Landlording Work Is Simplified!

Just knowing ONE CYA stealth tactic Jay gives you during the event — could be worth thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars ON YOUR NEXT INVESTMENT RENTAL!

Attend the seminar and you'll be sure to find it's the single-smartest investment YOU can make for securing the future income earning potential of your cash-flow rental business...

You already know the priceless value of getting up close and personal with Fixer Jay who has "been there, done that" and wants to share his 50 years of investing expertise with you.

Picture standing next to Jay and discussing your rental management problems and finally getting the answers you need to help you "figure things out" so you avoid costly mistakes with your investments.

Imagine the feeling of relief you'll experience of knowing how to take care of that rental management problem you've been dealing with.

What You'll Learn In 3 Days — Rubbing
Elbows Fixer Jay — WILL ABSOLUTELY

What do you think it would cost you if you decided NOT to attend this event?

Here are 3 things to think about: 

Just any ONE of those three things could make the difference between a profitable rental and an extremely unprofitable one, so can you risk missing out by not attending?

Take a second and picture for a moment, not attending the event...

How much could that cost you... in finding not find reputable renters, and having problems with rental payments — by not knowing how to properly manage rental applications and avoid discrimination problems contacts, or any one of the many things you may have not thought about needing to know before I mentioned it?

Not a pretty picture is it?

Seats Are Limited - Reserve Your Seat Now!

So the only thing to do now is the smart thing. Reserve your seat now while openings are still available!

The Seminar is during these 3 action-packed days from — November 11, 12 & 13th, 2016.

You'll be in the "driver's seat" and feeling excited by getting out of the office and happily rubbing elbows and talking with Jay and other like minded rental managing investors!

I promise you —  the fun and excitement you'll enjoy with the new networking opportunities you'll experience —  means you'll know this was a smart decision and money well spent!

Lock in your one and only opportunity to quickly ramp up your landlord education to expert level!

You'll hear not only of about Jay's phenomenally successful rental investment deals — but also about some of his dismal landlording failures so you'll know the risks and pitfalls to avoid!

Just knowing how to AVOID ONE of these HIDDEN DANGERS to investing could easily be worth the small investment of your reservation!

So if you hesitate and come back later you will feel regret when — we are SOLD OUT!

Don't let that happen to you... because if you miss this — later you'll kick yourself. I know if you've read this far you've got what it takes, those are the "smart investors" we want to meet!

Once it is SOLD OUT I can't let you in, not at any price.

Because once the seats are gone... They're GONE FOR GOOD. 

I Want to Claim My Spot Now!

If you’d like to pay by check, fill out your payment information on the order form at the bottom of this page, and reserve your spot. You’ll receive a follow-up email shortly with travel and accommodation information.

On behalf of Fixer Jay and myself we are extremely excited about this event too.

We'd love to meet you in person.


Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston

Get The Right Answers To Your Landlording Questions...
You'll Be Amazed At What You'll Discover When You Attend...
Call (714) 668 - 9993 and Make Your Hotel Reservation Now!

Fixer Jay's Real Estate
Landlording Training


$795 SINGLE, $1395 FOR TWO PEOPLE registering together.
 Fee includes a comprehensive 570 page training manual with Jay's special forms plus dozens of street savvy techniques. Students are responsible for their own means, lodging and transportation.


SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA: We have a limited number of seats at the California Courtyard by Marriott, 8 MacArthur Place. The Hotel offers on site restaurant and many off site dining locations within walking distance from the hotel.

Special room rates Thursday thru Sunday nights $99 for this event. For Special rates refer to KNEW HOPE CORPORATION, call 1- 714 668-9993. Hotel provide airport shuttle to and from nearby John Wayne Airport. Hotel website: www.marriott.com

Classes begin each morning at 8:30 A.M. and end at 5:00 P.M. Registration starts at 8:00 A.M on Friday morning prior to class. Tape recording is NOT allowed this seminar.

In the event you are unable to attend, you may cancel for a full refund - OPTIONAL - You may chose another seminar date and receive full credit. EARLY BIRD BONUS:


Color Me Landlord - 120 information packed pages plus a CD. Early Bird Bonus expires on September 30th.

Every person who registers before September 30, 2016 will receive Fixer Jay's specialty mini-course. "Color Me Landlord" which includes eleven (11) quick steps to improve your landlording success. Included 60 minute CD, $149 value. YOURS FREE when you sign-up for Jay's Seminar before September 30, 2016.

The price is just $795 per person or $1395 for two people registering together.

I Want to Claim My Spot Now!

The price is just $795 per person.  $1395 for two people registering together.

I Want to Claim My Spot Now!